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Information for wärkers

Welcome to WÄRK:fest!

(Includes outdated information)

Have you ever spent hours looking for a solution to a problem, materialized a megalomaniac plan, learned from a mistake, thrown away a manual or given a breathtaking speech on 21st century crafts(wo)manship? If so, you might be a wärker and wärkfest might be your kind of  a happening. 

Who is a wärker?

Wärker is a participant in the week-end event WÄRK:fest. We will provide an opportunity to showcase different projects, prototypes and techniques in an inspiring environment and workers will share their ideas and knowledge by having their own workstations or by giving workshops, presentations and speeches.

What is WÄRK:fest?

WÄRK:fest is an event celebrating do-it-yourself-culture at Cable Factory, Helsinki, 20-21 October, 2012 (Saturday-Sunday). WÄRK:fest is organized for the frost time this year and it will turn Cable Factory into a playground for learning, researching, innovating, experiencing, sharing, recycling and tuning. There will be up to hundred workstations presenting DIY-projects ranging from cooking, soldering and crochet to guerrilla gardening and a bike workshop. There will also be  presentations, speeches and shows. We also hope to see spontaneous projects to emerge on the spot.

What is WÄRK:fest’s target group?

We try the make the festival as versatile as possible and therefor invite everybody sharing our interest in the DIY-way of doing things: curious, enthusiastic and innovative people who are not afraid to try new tricks. All participants will be equal – whether they are beginners, amateurs or professionals.

What is a workstation?

Workstations are WÄRK:fest’s exhibition stalls, where the participants can interact with the guests, showcase their projects, teach, share and in some cases also sell their products.
You can reserve your workstation by filling in registration form. The following facilities will be provided by the organizer free of charge:

  • Your own workstation (2m x 2m surface area, maximum height 3m)
  • 4 weekend tickets for the participants
  • Electricity and wireless Internet connection
  • Visibility for your DIY-project
    •  Possibility to present your activities on the main stage
    •  Possibility to write about your project on the festival website
    •  New contacts and ideas
  •  Price: 0 €

Tips on building your workstation:

  • Engage the guests by offering them something interesting yet simple to do
  • Teach something new
  • Share your enthusiasm and inspire new aficionados
  • Advertise your own project
  • Tell people what kind of problems you have tackled on your way t complete your project
  • You can charge for materials and sell your products
  • You can sell reasonably priced materials related to your project.  The fee can also be optional.
  • You can sell your association’s publications, memberships and other material and services related to your project.
  • Please take note that all products and services have to be approved by the organizer in advance. The organizer has the right to rule out vending of some food products and items which don’t embrace the idea of WÄRK:fest.

Furniture of the workstation

  • Furniture is not included in the basic workstation deal. You can bring your own or order it through organizer. Scroll down to “Additional services” for more information.
  • What one should avoid at workstations?
  • Causing danger or harm to people or the property/equipment
  • Causing unnecessary disturbance e.g. noise or unpleasant smells

Participants registered to give workshops and presentations will be given free of charge

  • 1-4 tickets for the performers
  • Visibility for their DIY-activities during the event and on the festival website
    • Time on the main stage and/or at the workshop area
    •  Possibility to publish material on the festival website
    • New contacts and ideas
    • Price 0 €

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Safety regulations

Each WÄRK:station and workshop is responsible for the safety of its own activities and must provide any official permits needed. If any potentially hazardous tools or machines will be used, there has to be appropriate protective equipment (safety glasses, hearing protection, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, etc.) on behalf of a wärker.

Standard tables and chairs that are needed for working on the station are allowed. Sofas, armchairs, etc. are prohibited.

All fabrics, curtains etc. have to be fire retardant.

If there will be a significant amount of chemicals, paints, varnish, etc. on wärk:station, the storage must be arranged before the event, cause it needs to be elsewhere than on the station.

All electrical equipment that will be used, has to be under Finland’s electrical safety regulations.

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Opening hours

  • Saturday, October 20, 11am – 8pm
  • Sunday, October 21, 11am – 6pm

Additional program

  • Opening party, invitation only, Friday, October 19, 6pm – 9pm
  • Soirée, open for everybody, Saturday, October 20, until midnight, more information will be provided later

Schedule for building/clearing

  • Building of the workstations, Friday 19 October, 2pm – 9pm
  • Clearing, Sunday 21 October, 6pm – 8pm
  • Please note that any items larger than regular waste (e.g. furniture ) should not be left behind. Uncleared workstation will result a 200 € cleaning fee.

Additional services (preliminary)

  •   Services for the workstations
    • Table 70 x 140 cm. 25 € each
    • Bar counter 30 € each
    • Fold-in chair with padding 8 € each
    • Carpet 2×2 m 50 €
    • Fixed internet connection 60 €
    • Additional floor surface 25 € / 2x2m2
    • Food vouchers good for one serving of lunch, 8 €
  • Wärkers can buy entrance tickets for 15€ /day and 17 fo weekend. Familyticket 34 €

Additional services can be purchased online. Shop is clodsed! Orders should be made before 30 September 2012 or there will be additional fees. Lunch tickets and entrance ticket can be bought until 10th October.

Who is organizing WÄRK:fest?

The accountble organizer is Alternative Party ry. There is a vast network of individuals from various associations working on voluntary bases to put the festival together. WÄRK:fest is a nonprofit event.

Where can I find more information?

As the festival is organized for the first time there are many things that could be done better. If you have some ideas and thoughts about the festival, or you would like to get involved feel free to contact us!