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Call for Makers

Registration 2018 is closed now 🙂

Participation is free of charge for both makers and participants. A maker can participate with maker booth, workshop and/or presentation.


Who is a maker?
A maker is a particpant in WÄRK:fest, who has her/his own maker booth, workshop, presentation or demo in the event. With the format the maker can demostrate or present the making, prototype, success or trial&error for other participants. One may also choose to hold a workshop, where one is able to share the knowledge and skills to workshop participants or event encourage them to learn new things or continue the making later on. The maker can also suggest other form of participation to the organizers.

How to enroll?
The Open Call is now open, click the green ‘REGISTER’ link above.

Who are the target audience of WÄRK:fest?
DIY people and persons interested in any making. For all those curious-minded and bright starts of humankind. Anyone who likes to learn new things, is open to large variation of crafts, technologies or prototyping. During the years we have notices that our participation comes from all areas and ages, whether people are professionally involved or purely hobbiests, old dogs or newly started. We are open to everyone!

What is a maker booth?
A maker booth is a set of space and furnitures to enable the making. The booth is a place where the maker demonstrates/presents her/his works or working and communicates with the audience/participants. One is encourage to get participants involved in a form of crafting, making etc. while interacting with them.
Organizers will provide booths, tables and chairs. Also if material sponsoring is needed, they will sponsor materials within possibilities. If other items/things are needed for your booth, contact the organizers beforehand.

Special program for the makers
– possibility to set up the booth before the event and clean-up afterwards
– legendary backstage with büffee
– after-party on Saturday evening in Espoo

And what is not allowed for a maker?
– Please do not cause any harms to humans, property and movables
– More specific security and maker instructions will be added to the Open Call form. If any things cause you troubles or worries, contact the organizers and let’s make things better 🙂