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Maker Introductions: Bob Kruijer

Do you remember the DJ with red baseball cap playing at the Iso Omena at the last year’s event? That was Bob Kruijer, who is specialized into arduino based coding, lasercutting and 3d printing. He has iterated several projects from start to finish. In other words, taking an idea through prototyping into a finalized product.

At Espoo Wärk:fest Bob will show one of his latest prototypes in which he has combined wireless technology and a 6-axis motion PCB to complement a musical instrument.

Bob is the proud father of Catalyst Controller, that is the combined name for a suite of DJ-Gear solutions and add-ons for Turntablists, DJs and Musicians. Catalyst Controller combines a lot of ideas he has had over time and he has sold numerous units of them (still made by hand) to people all over the world.

Bob is getting increasingly interested in own PCB design, and automated production of that. So he’d like to learn the skills that would enable that. Especially SMD pcb and soldering is something he would like to understand better. He doesn’t have a dream project at the moment, but restoration of retro came computers and consoles is on his todo list.

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